Books from a stranger…

What a beautiful way to start the new year! I just recieved a book from a stranger. It’s related to a project that’s been going on social media. The gist is, you share a post and whoever likes it has to send a book they like to a stranger recommended by you. 

I never thought it will work, but today I recieved a novel with a nice letter inside saying it was one of the favourites of the sender. She had had to use airmail to send it which is very expensive in this part of the world and so this gesture touched my heart. 

Someone I never knew of before managed to give my new year the best start it could get. I am truly thankful to have recieved it because it made me realize there still are people who care about others, who want to do something nice for a stranger just because, without expecting a return. It gives me hope knowing that peope like that exist. 

It made me immensly happy that whoever she is, I can get to know her through her book. Someone I probably will never meet but will know so much about…


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