Questions without answers…

Do you ever feel like you do not belong, no matter where you go? Like there isn’t anyone or anything to keep you tethered to a place regardless of how many people you call a friend? Like you are missing something in life that would help everything make sense? Like you are always living in the wrong place at the wrong time? Like life is a train that passes you by, while you are on the platform, only getting a fleeting glimpse?

Am I the only person who gets this feeling? Am I doing something wrong? How do I get rid of it? Do I just look for a friend, a soul mate? Where do I find them? Where do I start? Should I just wait for the right time? If so, how do I know what the right time is? How do I know if there is even a right time? Maybe this is the best it’s going to get. Maybe ‘ordinary’ and ‘okay’ are the best I’ll get in this lifetime. So should I just stick to that? Should I settle for okay and ordinary? Or should I give them up and look for something better, something extraordinary?

What if I take the leap of faith to go in search for the extraordinary, and it doesn’t end up the way I hoped? Where do I go from there? What do I look forward to then? Do I start again? If so, how many times should I try before I give up and settle for what I have? Or will I even have what I have now after I run towards something that promises extraordinary? Will I be left with the ‘ordinary’ I started with, or will be left with nothing at all?

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